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Evan Hunter

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Author Information for Evan Hunter (1926-2005)

Homepage : http://www.edmcbain.com/
Also Known As: Ed McBain
Birth Date: Oct 15, 1926
Residence: Connecticut, USA
Birthplace: New York City
Deceased: Jul 06, 2005

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Bibliography - Fiction Books by Evan Hunter


Learning to Kill  (2006)   496 pp.
     Mystery   [Short Stories]    Amazon US TPB    Amazon Canada TPB
Author(s): Ed McBain , Evan Hunter
Book Description / Blurb

Ed McBain made his debut in 1956. In 2004, more than a hundred books later, he personally collected twenty-five of his stories written before he was Ed McBain. All but five of them were first published in the detective magazine Manhunt and none of them appeared under the Ed McBain byline. They were written by Evan Hunter (McBain's legal name as of 1952), Richard Marsten (a pseudonym derived from the names of his three sons), or Hunt Collins (in honor of his alma mater, Hunter College).

Here are kids in trouble and women in jeopardy. Here are private eyes and gangs. Here are loose cannons and innocent bystanders. Here, too, are cops and robbers. These are the stories that prepared Evan Hunter to become Ed McBain, and that prepared Ed McBain to write the beloved 87th Precinct novels. In individual introductions, McBain tells how and why he wrote these stories that were the start of his legendary career.

Origins  (2005)
     Mystery   Thriller    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada HC
The Moment She Was Gone   304 pp.
     Mystery   Thriller   Psychological Suspense    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB
Candyland  (2001)   301 pp.
     Mystery    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada HC
Reviews Available by:     [Harriet Klausner]
Author(s): Evan Hunter , Ed McBain
Me and Hitch  (1997)
Privileged Conversation  (1996)
[Book Cover graphic:Criminal Conversation]Criminal Conversation  (1994)   400 pp.
     Mystery    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB

Lizzie  (1985)
Far From the Sea  (1983)
Love, Dad  (1981)
Walk Proud (Screenplay)  (1979)
Me and Mr. Stenner  (1976)
     Fiction   Children's Book
The Chisholms  (1976)   320 pp.
     Western    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB
[Book Cover graphic:Streets of Gold]Streets of Gold  (1974)

Come Winter  (1973)
Every Crook and Nanny  (1972)
Fuzz (Screenplay)  (1972)
The Easter Man  (1972)
     [Short Stories]
Nobody Knew They Were There  (1971)
Sons  (1969)
A Horse's Head  (1967)
Last Summer  (1967)
The Paper Dragon  (1966)
Buddwing  (1964)
Happy New Year Herbid  (1963)
     [Short Stories]
The Birds (Screenplay)  (1962)
Mothers and Daughters  (1961)
The Wonderful Button  (1961)
     Fiction   Children's Book
A Matter of Conviction  (1959)
The Remarkable Harry  (1959)
     Fiction   Children's Book
Strangers When We Met  (1958)
     Comment: Screenplay 1959
Second Ending  (1956)
The Blackboard Jungle  (1954)   288 pp.
     Fiction    Amazon US PB    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada PB    Amazon Canada HC
Find The Feathered Serpent  (1952)
     Fiction   Children's Book
Barking at Butterflies and Other Stories
     [Short Stories]

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