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Thank you for considering Books 'n' Bytes. Updated information helps make the site more enjoyable for everyone.

If you are trying to contact your favorite author, please write to their publisher or agent.

We post all information about upcoming books to our database as soon as possible when we receive it.  Updates are done generally at least twice/week. New reviews generally appear online on weekends.

IF YOU ARE A STUDENT, WE WILL NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU. Any information we have about an author is visible on the author's page.

Please do not ask me for more than what is here - I either don't have it, OR IT IT NOT FOR PRINT. We do not divulge personal information about authors - period.

If you have gotten this far, welcome!

We always welcome updates for our database.

IF you are an author, and would like your book(s) listed here, please be aware:

We "specialize" in Mysteries, Science Fiction and Fantasy. If your book does not fit into one of those categories, we may not feature it. Please - ROMANCES are NOT mysteries!

We ARE expanding our lists of children's/young reader/young adult books.

If you are requesting that your book be added to our site, please include the following information, where possible:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Copyright date

  • Publication date (include the month, if it is the current year)

  • ISBN#

  • Location (click here for more information)

  • Genre (click here or here for more information)

  • Series information if applicable. (Series #, etc.)

  • any other information about the main character (occupation, age, etc)

  • Information about YOU that you would like included. (click here for an example)

  • Your web page, if you have one.

If you are an AUTHOR or PUBLISHER and need a correction handled on a priority basis, please send the information to: [email protected]

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR BOOK REVIEWED, send an E-mail to: [email protected] and we will make the necessary arrangements.  If we are not personally available, we have many reviewers with a wide variety of interests.

Please feel free to submit information or corrections, to [email protected]. We do the best we can to stay current and keep our database correct, but it can take time. Unfortunately, Books 'n' Bytes is not my "day" job, and we receive hundreds of e-mails every week. We do our best to check information where possible before posting it, which takes time.


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